Give us one room and we will give you two!

By using a custom made wallbed and cabinetry you can transform your spare bedroom into a home office, sewing room or both. Need extra room for a hobby but don't want to lose the guest room, get the bed off the floor and you will feel as if you added a room to your home for a small fraction of the price.

Add cabinets to a wallbed and now you have a whole unit of furniture and not just a bed.

Beds are available in twin, double, queen or king sizes, and then the sky is the limit....

Choose from several different kinds of wood, and assorted stains and colors.

Every room and wall is different, so at Wallbeds Plus, we build you a made to order, customized wallbed system.

The customized aspect of our business is what make Wallbeds Plus unique. Most other stores buy products from cabinet manufactures or distributors and then mark up the price to sell it.

At Wallbeds Plus, we are committed to providing you with one of a kind quality, down to earth, family style customer service and un-matched price.


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